Movement in the Classroom: Active Anticipation Guide

Here’s an easy twist on the old anticipation guide that gets students out of their desks and that facilitates interaction among multiple peers:

  • Students indicate their level of agreement with a teacher-generated list of controversial statements or questions.
  • Give directions: Tell students that they’ll be moving to the right side of the classroom if they indicated that the statement was “true,” or the left-hand side of the classroom if they indicated that the statement was “false.” When they get to their chosen side, they should find a partner and share their thinking about this statement for approximately one minute. Then, partners will share out their responses to the whole class.
  • Read aloud the first statement and tell students to pick a side of the room. Optional: Set a timer for one minute.
  • Circulate around the room while students talk to ask more questions and listen to their discussion.
  • Facilitate a short discussion on this question or statement.
  • Repeat. Tell students that they should speak to a new partner for every question.

Reflection: For the most part, students seem to like this activity (particularly at the end of the day). I like that anticipation guides help to generate student interest in the topic at hand; movement around the classroom also keeps them more alert.

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