PDF is the New Junk Drawer

Empty bindersIn an effort to eliminate paper from my life and classroom, I decided to scan 12 binders of old lesson plans into PDFs. What I discovered in the process was this:

  • I have written a lot, but have rarely used the same lesson twice. I transform old lessons. I create new curriculum as I attend new professional development conferences, read new books, continue my own research. I’ve also put more responsibility for asking questions and generating ideas in the hands of students. Thus, the structure of my lessons and classes has changed.
  • I don’t like many of my old lessons and units. Many of my PDFs will function as junk drawers. These are lessons that remind me where I was three years ago when I started teaching. I’m not yet ready to part with them, but I’m not willing to keep them on my shelf or in a dusty box.
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