Reflections on Co-Teaching

I get to co-teach for the first time in my professional life as an educator in my new position at the International School of Düsseldorf. And. I. Love. It. I work with other educators in sciences, math, and humanities to teach an interdisciplinary course — but that’s not what I’m thinking about currently. Rather, I’m reflecting on a co-taught lesson that was completely voluntary. A colleague and I planned and implemented this lesson together because 1) Our schedules lined up, and 2) We saw an opportunity to help our students develop their writing skills through a joint writing workshop session.

What I liked: I got to see how another teacher plans and implements lessons; It’s helpful to have two teachers circulating around the room while students analyze, write, and revise; My students got to work with new peers and learn from these new voices.

The process:

  • (Work in a highly collaborative environment, preferably with desks in the same office so that you see colleagues often)
  • Decide on a day of instruction, objectives, and what you’ll teach prior to the lesson
  • Plan the lesson and student groupings
  • Assemble materials
  • Teach

I know that co-teaching, like any form of lesson implementation, isn’t always successful. On those occasions when a co-taught lesson falls on its face, however, I imagine that it’s nice to have someone else who was there so that you can reflect and figure out how to make improvements as a team.

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